Tutoring sessions


The role of the tutor is particularly important when education is understood to be a responsibility shared by parents and teachers. Therefore, our teachers, who also perform the role of tutors, dedicate considerable work and effort to the task from the time the pupils start school to when they graduate.

In recent years, in response to the ever-growing pressures on pupils from the social media and television, we have been dedicating more classroom time to tutoring sessions, where we address subjects such as values and fundamental human rights with the pupils. The pupils spend two hours a week, from Year 3 of Primary Education to Year 4 of Secondary Education, discussing and making sense of different behaviour inside and outside the school.

The two hours devoted to Physical Education every week allow the pupils to learn the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle, grow in confidence, and discover the true meaning of team spirit.

School outings and trips are a wonderful opportunity for tutorial intervention. Every year, from Year 2 of Primary Education to Year 2 of the Baccalaureate cycle, the pupils spend a night away from home, where they practise their language skills, experience new and interesting cultures, and also learn to behave responsibly and get along together.

The Foreign Exchange Programme allows pupils the chance to experience what life abroad is really like. They stay with a host family for a week, providing them with an excellent opportunity for personal growth. The school currently organises three cultural exchanges, two in the UK, and one in France for pupils studying French in year 4 of Secondary Education or as an extracurricular activity.