Publicly-funded private school. Declaration of public interest


Publicly-funded private school

Each school is different, with its own individual culture. However, all families seek the same: the best education for their children. In this respect, grant-maintained schools are those that best suit the needs of families.

Private institutions ‒ since they have not been founded by any administrative body ‒ offer greater freedom of management. Supported by public funding, they are also supported financially by cooperative members. In this manner, they are able to manage human resources with greater independence and quality.

In the exercise of their freedom, families choose the school that best suits their children, a grant-maintained school offering personalised education, an education in values shared by the educational community.

The San Patricio S. Coop. English School has been declared to be in the public interest

Herri Onurako In accordance with the Order dated 14 May 2008 by the Ministery of Employment and Social Affairs, the Cooperative Society named San Patricio, S. Coop. was declared to be in the public interest.

As a grant-maintained school, we work within official government guidelines but enjoy considerable freedom in terms of management. Despite the fact that we are a private concern, a large part of our funding comes from government grants, supplemented by school fees.

In a non-profit social cooperative:

  • Profits are not shared among its members and are used to accomplish the aims of the cooperative.
  • The work carried out by the members of the Governing Board is not remunerated.
  • Other cooperative members, or persons or entities with privileged access to board members may not benefit in any way, personally, commercially or economically, from the relationship with these members, or enjoy any other sort of preferential treatment.