2 - 6 years of age

Pre-school education.

Helping, encouraging, motivating and guiding the development of each child – these are the cornerstones of our pre-school and 2-year-old class teachers. Their job is to ensure that pupils develop the habits that will be the building blocks for our future success: listening, attention, effort and hard work.

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6 - 12 years of age

Primary education.

Each stage of school has its own pace and particularities. During this six-year cycle pupils begin to take control of their own learning, focusing on mastering literacy in Spanish, Basque and English, and strengthening their intellectual, emotional and social skills.

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12 - 16 years of age

Secondary education.

As pupils reach puberty and adolescence, they experience personal changes that can alter their relationships with others. Under the watchful eye of family and tutors working in close contact, they progress through a stage leading to post-compulsory education.

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16 - 18 years of age

Baccalaureate Cycle.

Pupils reach the post-compulsory education cycle, the final stage of comprehensive education and preparation for higher education. At this stage, they choose between natural sciences and social sciences, with an eye on transitioning to university.

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