Information and Communication Technology


Keen to improve and innovate, St. Patrick's English School has invested considerable time and effort in new technology for the classroom and school management.

Pupils have access to approximately six hundred computers and other devices on the school premises. The school provides each pupil from Year 3 of Primary Education until Year 4 of Secondary cycle with a device for personal use. There are three additional computer rooms. Teaching staff have access to advanced IT classroom equipment, such as projectors, computers with local network and internet connections, projection screens, audio equipment and electronic whiteboards.

The school has its own purpose-built internal management application, with a powerful database which also feeds into the public and private sections of the website. St. Patrick's World is a virtual space on the open website for sharing information, and communicating and collaborating with each other. In the members only section, teachers, parents and pupils will find personalised general academic information, news, reading material, etc. They can also avail of a range of services offered by the school.

Our school has reached 'Advanced Technological Maturity'

St. Patrick's English School obtained the certificate of “Advanced Technological Maturity” in 2014, renewing it in 2018.

The "Technological Readiness Model for Education Centres" enables the degree of computerization of processes in a school to be evaluated and offers guidelines regarding technology, processes and computer skills for the school community.

Following a study on the use of digital media in teaching and administrative processes at St. Patrick's, the Board of Education of the Basque Government awarded the school the highest technological qualification possible.

Three levels can be awarded: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. While 284 schools in Gipuzkoa, Vizcaya and Alava were awarded certificates, only 11 received the highest rating.

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IT Readiness Resolution 2018
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IT Readiness Resolution 2014
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IT Readiness resolution 2014 Annex