Academic results


We use the UCLES exams (Cambridge) to gauge the level of competence of pupils in English. 35% of the pupils from Year 2 of Baccalaureate achieved the highest level in the European Framework for Languages (C2/Proficiency), 75% obtained a C1 (Cambridge Advanced Exam), and 100% reached the B2 level (Cambridge First Certificate).

The pupils' Basque language skills are examined at the Official School of Languages and by HABE [Basque Government body responsible for the Basque language]. The years spent studying Social Science in English in Primary and Secondary school, and the smaller English classes from year 5 of Primary Education provide pupils with a solid grounding in the language, enabling them to aspire to the highest degree of competence. Based on the results of the the ISEI-IVEI Official Basque Government exam, 68% of the pupils in Year 2 of Secondary Education at St. Patrick's received above-average scores, compared with 62% of pupils from other schools who studied entirely in Basque.

On completion of Year 2 of the Baccalaureate cycle in 2015/2016, 22% of the pupils had reached level B2 level in Basque, while 6% passed the EGA (C1) exam.

In June 2016, compared with the overall average score of 6.64 for the Basque Autonomous Community, our pupils got an average score of 7.47 in the university entrance examinations, with outstanding results in Business Economics, Geography, History, History of Philosophy, English, Mathematics and Chemistry.