We are a cooperative


Legal Denomination

San Patricio, S. COOP., was officially constituted in San Sebastian as an educational cooperative, formed by parents, subject to the principles of law 4/1993, dated June 24, and approved by the Basque Parliament, which regulates cooperatives in the Basque Country, and to the legal precepts and statutes contained herein.


The aim of the cooperative is to offer education at different levels, and in different branches of learning. Other extracurricular and related activities, and other complementary school services which facilitate the school activity may also be offered.

The cooperative will offer education on its own premises or on any others it may establish, as a non-profit-making organisation that does not distribute dividends.

Development of the school project

The basic precepts of the educational project are:

  • The holistic formation of the pupil.
  • The cooperative, made up of parents and guardians, has, as its fundamental principle, the construction, administration and management of a mixed school, which includes all present and future educational levels prior to university entry.

School location

The premises shall be located at Lanberri 25, San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa).

Duration and territory

The cooperative is established for an indefinite period of time and will be located in the province of Gipuzkoa.

Members and users

  • Parents, representatives or guardians who have children under their charge in the cooperative.
  • A pupil who has reached adulthood, in the years and circumstances determined by the cooperative.
  • Given the nature of the cooperative and in order to guarantee greater independence between it and its members, no teacher at any level, nor any worker nor spouse may become a member and user.


St. Patrick's forms part of an association made up of secular educational cooperatives located in the Basque Country, with a clear vocation for public service, contributing to the improvement of the federation of cooperatives and to the Basque education system in general.

We are also members of ERKIDE, the Federation of Cooperatives for Labour, Education, Consumption and Credit.