Pre-school education


Teaching two-year-olds and pre-schoolers involves helping and encouraging, motivating and guiding them as they develop. The children learn to listen and pay attention, to make an effort and work hard, skills that form the foundations of their future learning. Stimulation is the key to learning and building character, and lessons are learned through situations.

Basic competencies are developed in English, Basque and Spanish from day one, at the age of two. At St. Patrick's, in Aiete, children are surrounded by nature and immersed in a world of three languages where the calendar reflects the three cultures, including Halloween, the Easter Bunny, St. Patrick's Day, the day of San Sebastian and others.

Pupils use materials developed in English-speaking countries, read traditional fairy tales, develop an ear for English with Jolly Phonics, use tablets and ipads, sing songs and do motor skills activities in Basque.

A decisive factor in the child's development is the relationship between the parents and the tutor. Close contact between school and family will impact the child's wellbeing, personal growth and academic performance from this stage on.