Primary education


While each stage of education has different features and a different pace, they all share a common goal - the wellbeing and optimum personal and academic attainment of the pupils. Again, it is very important for parents and teaching staff to work together on building a present and future for the pupils.

Efforts during these six years focus on mastering literacy in Spanish, Basque and English, particulary in the early stages, and also building their cognitive, emotional and social skills. Children become more autonomous during this period, developing a more structured work habit, and show a growing tendency to analyse everything they see.

They work on projects in three languages, get the chance to study social sciences in Basque, natural sciences and art in English, try different sports, go on in language-oriented and social outings, and go on group-bonding overnight stays where they engage in activities aimed at fostering environmental awareness and responsibility. They are each given a personal device for developing further digital skills and are encouraged how to use the cloud and navigate the web responsibly.

The staff, comprising a balanced selection of teachers from different countries and cultures, share one aim - to make sure each child and pupil grows personally and cognitively.