Over 760 meals are cooked from scratch and served at the school canteen daily.

Quality ingredients ensure a healthy and balanced diet. This service is provided by catering company AIBAK S.L., following school guidelines.

Teaching staff are on hand at lunch-time to assist in the supervision of pupils, making sure that school rules and social norms are respected in the canteen and schoolyard.

Given the importance of learning to eat a healthy diet, the school has set the following objectives regarding the canteen:

  • Pupils must try and get used to eating different dishes -.
  • Pupils should acquire healthy eating habits.
  • Pupils should develop a positive attitude to food, and show interest in new or unusual dishes, overcoming personal aversions.
  • Pupils should learn good table manners.
  • Pupils should learn to eat by themselves in a clean and tidy manner.
  • Pupils should learn to respect their classmates, the supervision and canteen staff, and their surroundings.