Detente y Ayuda (DYA)

Detente y Ayuda (DYA)

Last Wednesday 19th of February, five paramedics of the Highway Help Association, DYA Gipuzkoa –Detente Y Ayuda- visited school to show us a simulation of a motorbike accident, where they explained how they work when these incidents happen. The simulation involved two injured people; one of them was the driver of the motorbike, who was sitting on the floor, bleeding with a broken wrist with the helmet on and annoyed. The second victim was the passenger, he was unconscious, lying on the floor with a deep injury in the forehead, but without the helmet, the passenger was in a serious condition.

After a brief explanation of the simulation, three of the paramedics jumped off the ambulance, took all the material they needed and started doing their job. The driver needed psychological attention, whereas the passenger had to be quickly moved to hospital. All the students collaborated admirably, helping with the immobilization of the patients and giving psychological attention to the driver.

On the simulation it could be seen the spirit of collaboration of all the students, and activities like this are a great opportunity to learn, not only how paramedics work, but also to acquire some values, and perhaps someday to stop, and help, just to lend a hand to those who need it.

Daniel Frezza