The Analyst


After years of participation representing the Basque Country in the press-school programme "El País de los Estudiantes", the programme closed for good last year.

Far from throwing in the towel, The Analyst is starting a new stage this academic year 2020-21. We have reinvented ourselves by giving a new twist to journalism at school. Starting this academic year, the programme will change its format, giving way to a new programme that we have christened "Junior Expert in Digital Journalism and Transmedia Narratives".

In the format of a "proper degree" in the purest university style, during the current academic year we will welcome in our journalism classrooms a large group of former students of the school linked to the world of communication who, together with professional experts in the sector, will accompany our students on an exciting journey of initiation into the world of journalism and communication.

As an epilogue to the new programme, the students will receive a final recognition in the form of a Diploma which will record the work of each one of them, with the idea that it can serve as a merit to contribute to their future university and professional life.