El País de los Estudiantes


In Baccalaureate 1 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a project sponsored by the prestigious Spanish newpaper, El País, termed the Students’ El País. This provides them with journalistic and editorial experience as they work towards the completion of their final product, the annual journal, “The Analyst”, published by St. Patrick’s English School.

Naturally, language in this context acquires a larger significance, becoming a true instrument of commuication as pupils come to grips with complex political, social, cultural and environmental issue and explore the use of different linguistic registers. They analyse and evaluate topics, bedore drafting what can take either the written or oral form, placing it on the digital platform provided by El País.

An important outcome of their participation in the project is an enhanced sensitivity towards ethical and environmental matters. Furthermore, the experience prepares them for the future, as they take responsibility for contacting key figures in the world of politics, culture, science and sport, carry out the interviews and then draw up their articles and reports prior to edition.

St. Patrick’s has repeatedly gained first place in the regional stages of the competition in recent years, going on to the national finals in Madrid