PAL: Play and learn

PAL: Play and learn

Who discovered America? Was it really "discovered" or was it always there? If so, who lived there, where did they come from and what were they doing?


Once again these very important questions were addressed at this year's Play and Learn excursion to Hondarribia  with 4th.

As we do every year, we all trooped off to the beautiful seaside resort of Hondarribia to carry out our annual mini project which has been developed and innovated over the years by the English Department in Primary. Our central theme was once again based on Native American culture given the fact that it is an area that lends itself to having a lot of fun!

And we all had a lot of fun.

It's true, the activities were active, participative and informative. We laughed a lot, we painted, we ran,  we danced (even with each other), we sang, we paraded like supermodels and we fought (like Native Americans). However, fortunately, no one got killed.

We designed and built  teepees that stood up proudly in the Autumn sun and swayed gently in the breeze. We made a drum and invented a dance. Then we had a  Pow Wow, which is Native American speak for a party.

4A and 4B are excellent at throwing a party.

We made dream catchers which, according Native American culture, will protect us from nightmares.

Eventually we went to bed. The teachers were told that there was another Pow Wow taking place in the bedrooms - but that was not true. Within five minutes, everyone was in a deep sleep, being watched over by our dreamcatchers.   

The main objective of PAL is to practice and improve English in a protected environment far away from the confines of school. It also provides another opportunity to foment a team spirit among the pupils and strengthen their relationships with one another. 

Hondarribia is a long way from home and even further from the Great Plains or Rocky Mountain ranges of the U.S.A. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful place to play and to learn.

In the words of another great American, Benjamin Franklin:"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, but involve me and I will learn"

Con todas las cosas que hicimos no lo tenemos muy claro cual fué nuestra actividad favorita. Podría ser:

  • La discoteca, aunque estábamos muy nerviosos por tener que bailar los chicos con las chicas.
  • El juego de la caza del búfalo aunque si nos hubieran dado pistas podríamos haber hasta terminado...
  • El disfrazarse bueno, la mayoría le ayudamos a disfrazarse a nuestro jefe, que claro está fue el mejor vestido.
  • Hacer los tipis en la playa muy divertido pero el poder mojarnos nos pies en el agua fué la mejor parte para algunos y el baile nativo Americano, para otros.
  • Los puzzles que tuvimos que hacer, que  parecían más fáciles de lo que eran.
  • La geografía que descubrimos.

No sabemos si fué el atrapasueños que nos ayudó a dormir , lo cansados que estábamos o lo cómodas que eran las camas... aunque alguno no dejaba dormir a sus compañeros de habitación.

En resumen, we Played And Learned.