Liverpool Exchange

Liverpool Exchange

Exchange visit 2018


Another year, another exchange. This year was perhaps the worst weather I have enjoyed in the many years I have been going to Liverpool. We saw the sun briefly on Tuesday afternoon and then again for the shortest of spells on Friday as we were leaving. The rest of the week was grey at best and downright wet and miserable at worst. Yet none of the dour weather could do anything to dampen our spirits. The group was an absolute delight. 

18 students in total left on Friday the 5th of December heading to Bilbao airport. The first weekend was spent with our exchange partners and families and a variety of activities were undertaken. Some families had sports commitments, others visited Manchester, while some simply enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere in the streets of Liverpool city centre. 

During the week there were a range of visits organised to offer an insight into Liverpool’s rich cultural heritage. On Monday we visited the Maritime Museum and learnt about Liverpool’s contribution to the Battle for the North Atlantic in the 2nd World War and the slave trade. We visited the architectural ruins of the first port under Liverpool city centre and then rounded off the afternoon with a trip on the Ferry across the river Mersey. On Tuesday we visited Anfield for sporting culture and later in the week went to the Tate Museum for contemporary art with a fascinating and knowledgable guide. The rest of the week was spent with a trip to the Beatles museum and a final Christmas excursion to the walled city of Chester. 

The group of students embraced the week with enthusiasm and a positive approach to the activities. Guides were respected and listened to and interesting, perceptive comments were made and questions asked. Group trips will always be tiring and demanding for teachers- none more so than at the end of a term- but this group made the trip a very positive experience for themselves and the teachers accompanying them through their maturity, politeness, punctuality, seriousness and wonderful manners. Throughout the week we were proud to receive favourable feedback from bus drivers, teachers, guides and members of the public. 

A trip of this kind requires support from the entire school staff, and parents but I would like to offer special thanks to Eli and Cristina and Jon Obrien from the Blue Coats for all of their hard work in supporting the trip.

We look forward to future successful trips to Liverpool.