G7 International Conference on Vehicle Storytelling Education

G7 International Conference on Vehicle Storytelling Education


On Thursday April 27th eight students from 5º and 6º participated in the G7 International Conference on Vehicle Storytelling Education which took place in Japan.

The students were: 

  • Jon A. 6ºA
  • Marta M. 6ºB
  • Luis A. 6ºB
  • María A. 6ºA
  • Arion I. 5ºB
  • Aitana U. 5ºA
  • Aritz J. 5ºA
  • Aina T. 5ºB

In conjunction with the G7 Education Ministers' Meeting  held in Toyama City, Japan, primary school students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Spain had an online discussion on how public transportation should be.

The event was held online and the Lord Mayors of Toyama and San Sebastian particpated.

The school welcomed Eneko Goia and the students were delighted to make their presentations and listen to his closing speech, which was in English.

All in all, it was a very exciting event and the children did a wonderful job in representing our city. The other participating countries were very impressed by our public transport system.

At the end of the event, children from each country read out the "G7 Toyama Declaration on Sustainable Public Transportation," which confirms the importance of public transportation, and was adopted.

The students in St. Patrick's were presented with a certificate for their participation and more importantly, they appeared on Japanese T.V. Not everyone gets a chance to be famous in Japan!

Please click on the links below to see our students on Japenese T.V.

As teachers we were very impressed with our students level of work and committment to this event. We were very proud of them and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them and their families for their wonderful work.

We would also like the Lord Mayor of San Sebastian Eneko Goia and Iker Mardaras, energy-efficient architect, for their visit and their particpation and encouragement in this event.