3rd Year Exchange 2019: Southampton

3rd Year Exchange 2019: Southampton

This Monday the group from Thornden School returned home to England after a highly enjoyable visit here in San Sebastián.

Here are some of our pupils' comments on the experience.

What were the benefits of the English group's visit?

  • We had a great time we all improved our English and our listening and we had fun.
  • You get a different vision of your own city.
  • I have made new friends.

What types of things did you do with your partner?

  • We went for a spa day, ate pintxos together, went shopping, played paintball, zumba and went out for dinner.
  • We went to the beach, we went paintball, we had dinner with other members of the exchange, we played basketball.

Describe this part of the exchange in one word.

  • unforgettable
  • amazing
  • short